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We are currently living in a globalized world facing significant social and environmental challenges. With government and policymakers primarily focused on tackling major crises and economic issues, the philanthropic commitment of individuals through citizen initiatives, associations, and foundations is becoming increasingly important. Environmental protection and human rights causes wouldn’t have a chance without their active involvement.

Together we can achieve more!

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Sandra Güntner

Managing Director and Chair of the Board

Tel. (040) 306 18 - 234

Donor meeting 2024

Save the date:

When: 7th September 2024
Where: Greenpeace camp in Hamburg
Who: All interested founders

Registration and application for the election of the Foundation Board possible from 01 July.

Further information will follow shortly.

Dear founders,
The time has finally come again: the donor meeting 2024 will be held in person! You are cordially invited to stand for election to the Board of Trustees and strengthen it with your expertise and experience in the future. As part of our accompanying 25th anniversary celebration, we would also like to look back on the successes of this period and discuss ideas for the future. Please make a note of the date in your diary now. We are looking forward to this day together!

Get involved

Make a lasting impact

By supporting Umweltstiftung Greenpeace, you’re not just making a difference today but also investing in the future of issues that are especially meaningful to you. Your gift flows directly into Umweltstiftung’s endowment fund, which is invested in perpetuity to generate income and ensure that your gift continues to grow. We use the income from interest earned and donations to promote and initiate peace and environmental projects in Germany and around the world. That means that your gift today will benefit many generations to come.

Join us and become a member of our dynamic and diverse community of more than 1.200 people!

Contributing and donating

Make a lasting and ongoing impact!

You can become a donor by gifting a minimum of 2,500 euros to our endowment fund. Since it is a permanent endowment, in other words, it is invested in perpetuity, your money can still be generating interest and making a positive impact in 50 or even 100 years.

Named endowment funds

Support nature with a gift in your name

You may set up an endowment in your name or someone else’s by gifting a minimum of 10,000 euros. A written endowment agreement ensures that your gift is used to establish a fund that bears your name and supports the cause of your choice.

Donor loan

Consider donating your interest to protect the environment

Having an emergency fund to cover unexpected events provides peace of mind. When you give a callable loan to Umweltstiftung Greenpeace, you maintain a financial safety net while supporting the conservation of our natural resources.

Legacy donations

Paving the way for the future

Umweltstiftung Greenpeace is exempt from German inheritance and gift tax. When you leave us a legacy, 100 percent of the money goes to causes and projects funded by Umweltstiftung Greenpeace.

Bank account:

Umweltstiftung Greenpeace
IBAN: DE05 4306 0967 0040 0400 00
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

You can become a donor by gifting a minimum of 2,500 euros to the Umweltstiftung endowment fund. Since it is a permanent endowment, in other words, it is invested in perpetuity, your money can still be generating interest and making a positive impact in 50 or even 100 years.

Special funds

Donate to causes that are most meaningful to you!

Is climate change the environmental issue that concerns you the most? Would you prefer to be involved in forest conservation? Or are whales at the top of your list? Our five special funds allow you to choose the cause you want to support.

General endowment fund

Unrestricted endowment income is used for general purposes. These assets may be spent at the discretion of Umweltstiftung Greenpeace and are crucial to our work. For example, we use them to finance our annual newsletter, fund management, and peace work.

Forest and habitat protection fund

Forests are indispensable in the fight against climate change; they are also home to most of our planet’s animal, plant, and fungal species. The last remaining intact forest landscapes must not be sacrificed for financial profits. This fund fosters local ecosystem protection programs and promotes solutions for better forest protection and healthy forest development in Germany and worldwide.

Ocean protection fund

Earth is a blue planet: the global ocean, a vast interconnected body of water, covers around 70 percent of Earth’s surface. We can thank the ocean for every second breath we take. It is the lungs of the planet and its largest carbon sink—our greatest ally against climate change. We use this fund to promote campaigns to create marine protected areas (MPAs), conduct scientific research, and support projects focused on marine life conservation.

Biodiversity and animal welfare fund

Biodiversity is the life-support system of our planet. The issue of biodiversity has been very important to Umweltstiftung Greenpeace from the very beginning. This fund is dedicated to the protection of individual plant and animal species.

Climate and environmental technologies fund

Mitigating climate change has become a matter of survival. There are many things we can do to protect the climate—as demonstrated by the wide range of projects supported by this fund. Most focus on practical, hands-on solutions that directly benefit people and the environment.

Do you have any questions about our project work?

Would you like to donate to Umweltstiftung Greenpeace, or do you have questions about our project work? Please feel welcome to contact us!

Contact details:

Tel. (040) 306 18 -234
Fax (040) 306 18 19 -234


Our mission

What we stand for

As part of the international Greenpeace network, Umweltstiftung Greenpeace is committed to Greenpeace goals and values. We are dedicated to the protection of the environment and nature and promote international understanding through peace work and research. We aim to preserve and protect our planet’s unique natural wealth and ensure Earth’s capacity to nurture life in all its diversity. We work internationally, as environmental destruction knows no borders.

Our investments follow ethical, social, and ecological standards in a globalized economy. Umweltstiftung Greenpeace is non-partisan and politically and financially independent.

Picture © Johannes Rother / Species conservation in Franken

Green investing

Your investment in the future:

Our endowment fund makes a difference!

  • Sustainable investment delivers financial, ecological, and social returns
  • The Umweltstiftung endowment fund is also managed and invested in accordance with our articles of association
  • Our strategic investments involve a smart mix of risk classes and forms of investment across various sectors
  • We only work with banks that share our values and principles