Sponsorship process

Here, we’ll guide you through the process of applying for funding with step-by-step instructions. We’ve also gathered supplementary information to assist you in implementing and successfully completing your project.

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Step 1: Information

Check whether your project meets our sponsorship criteria.

Regrettably, we sometimes have to turn down numerous projects and ideas because they fail to meet our content and formal sponsorship criteria. Therefore, before you really get started, we strongly recommend that you check carefully whether your project aligns with the funding priorities of Umweltstiftung Greenpeace and meets our formal sponsorship criteria.

Step 2
Step 2: Project idea

Share your project idea with us

Does your project idea meet the formal sponsorship criteria and align with at least one of the Umweltstiftung’s special funds? Then, please use our form, to submit your project idea.

No deadlines: You can contact us with a project idea at any time. We finalize our planning for the following year in the fall, so we recommend submitting your application by the end of September.

Step 3
Step 3: Application for sponsorship

Submit your application for sponsorship

We’ve decided to proceed with your project idea. Now, it’s time to draft a detailed project proposal and submit it with a formal application for sponsorship.

Step 4
Step 4: Approval process

Application review and approval

You’ve successfully submitted your application. Now, it‘s our turn. Umweltstiftung Greenpeace is part of the international Greenpeace family. Your project will, therefore, go through several stages before it is approved. First, the application is reviewed by Umweltstiftung Greenpeace and our colleagues at Greenpeace Germany. The final decision is then made by our Board of Directors and the management of Greenpeace Germany. For international projects, we must also obtain the approval of the respective national, regional Greenpeace office.

Please note: Application reviews can be very time-consuming. The decision-making process can take up to ten weeks.

Step 5
Step 5: Project launch

Get started on your project

Congratulations on the approval of your project and securing funding from Umweltstiftung Greenpeace! It’s time to get started. We will conclude a joint sponsorship agreement to govern the legal framework of our partnership. The project is expected to begin no later than six months after receipt of funding.

Please note: The funding has been approved specifically for the project outlined in the application and the accompanying financial plan. Recognizing the dynamic nature of projects, we understand that changes may become necessary once the project is underway. However, it is important that we discuss these changes together. Please get in touch with your point of contact promptly. It’s advisable to notify us as soon as you become aware of any adjustments to your timeline, project location, or funding.

Step 6
Step 6: Project completion

Conclude your project

Congratulations on successfully concluding your project! Naturally, were curious to hear about the outcomes.

Final assessment: Begin by evaluating the project content. In addition to the tangible results and the project’s impact, we are keenly interested in understanding how the actual results compare to the original objectives, timelines, and outcomes outlined in the sponsorship application. We will provide you with a template for your project assessment to assist you in carrying out this review.

Expenditure report: To ensure that the funds provided by Umweltstiftung have been used appropriately and in the public interest, you must also prepare a financial report that outlines your project’s actual total costs. Your designated point of contact will provide you with a form for the financial report as part of the project completion process or, in the case of multi-year projects, at the end of the respective calendar year.

Do you have any questions, or are you still trying to determine whether your project idea is a good fit for us?

Email us at projekte@umweltstiftung-greenpeace.de